Artesis University of Applied Sciences Campus Noord Antwerp

Competition project for a new university building with 37,500 m2 of teaching space

As part of the negotiation procedure for the development of Campus Noord, part of the Artesis Hogeschool in Antwerp (now part of the University of Antwerp), META submitted a design in collaboration with Willemen (general contractor), Storimans Wijffels architects (NL), Landinzicht and Technum.

The plot, on the site of the former North Station, marks the entrance to the ‘Leien’, a series of long streets that connect the North of the city to the South . Park Spoor Noord is connected to the Eilandje via a new park ramp and a new bridge over the ‘Leien’ (designed by Ney & Partners).

META presented a compact and legible volume that cantilevers over the new park ramp at the corner of the Italiëlei and the Noorderlaan. In order to activate the public space, the communal functions are placed around the inner perimeter of the building at ground floor level. Two entrances – one the ground floor, the other on first floor up from the park ramp – open out into a big, theatrical entrance hall from where the internal circulation starts. This is organised into clear circuits (inner streets) and combined with meeting and private study rooms for students.

In order to create the ultimate degree of flexibility, the structure consists of a central core and a supporting facade, the latter of which follows the classical divisions of plinth, centre and crown.