Basisschool De Zwaantjes Hoboken


The specific plot shape and the new residential development on the neighboring plot gave the direct reason to design the school building in L-shape. In this way a volume is created that completes the building block in a clear way and thus also anticipates the possible future roadway that will connect the Krugerstraat with the Zeelandstraat.

Various entrances that follow each other step by step also immediately define the use: an access to the bicycle parking, to the playground and to the school building itself.

The functions in the volume are clustered and switched in a logical manner. On the ground floor are the offices, which are easily accessible for students, parents and others, with staff supervision of the entrance. The kindergarten classes are also at level 0, to limit the unnecessary level differences for the little ones and create a direct access between the kindergarten classes and the outside space. At level +1 all primary school classes are switched as a sequence of identical classrooms. An L-shaped circulation space connects all classes, but can also be actively used as extra use space for various activities. The glass wall provides a direct relationship with the playground.

Separated by an underpass, the lunch room is located as a double-height room with a mezzanine level that gives access to the outside classroom. The spatial separation makes use of the lunch room possible for after-school activities.

The building is erected by a repetition of facade modules consisting of concrete, brick and aluminum doors and windows. The horizontal elements, both on the base, at the height of the floor change and the cornice give the facade design the scale.

All materials are kept tone-on-tone in a brown-red shade.

The outdoor space, designed by Landinzicht Landschapsarchitecten, is based on a maximum greening. Hardening is only provided for specific play areas and driving possibilities for fire engines. The variable material pallet ensures that the area is not pronounced, yet present.



Competition first place




Landinzicht Landschapsarchitecten design outdoor space
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