Gildenhuis Beveren


The project area is situated on the corner of Ciamberlanidreef and Yzerhand and forms thus a strategical operation in the heart of the town Beveren. By bringing together various public programs, the clout of the renewal project is reinforced and a uniform answer can be given to the existing demand for affordable houses.

The inner area suffers from the current traffic pressure and is defaced by blind façades and warehouses. With a few changes, the area gets a clear structure and is transformed into an attractive green courtyard. The above ground parking in the inner area can be brought back to a visitor parking by providing a big underground parking (65 spots). The new building becomes an all sided volume that is bordered on each side by qualitative public space.

The building consists of a concrete grid that has a strong presence in the façade. The open structure and front make a free interpretation of the ground floor possible. By connecting the public domain along and through the building to the green inner area, the relation inside - outside and with the passer-by is maximized.
The visitor is invited to discover this new circulation axis and the domain by situating a few entrances in the passage through the building. On the floors are 49 living units, of which 28 social rental apartments and 21 private buying houses.

The concept of the apartments is based in the ‘Design for all’ design strategy. This strategy keeps in account the needs and wants of people with various capacities. It intends flexibility in use, which makes a lifelong living possible. When a resident becomes less mobile, he can still use his house with the same ease.

The terrace balustrades are a representation of the floor plan of the site, elaborated in perforated aluminium plates. The art project ‘Satellite building’ is by Jan Kempenaers and Kasper Andreasen and was also made possible with the support of the Flemish Community.


Prijs Inspirerend Sociaal Wonen 2015, Vereniging van Vlaamse Huisvestingsmaatschappijen, laureate


Dag van de Architectuur 2015, Vlaams Architectuurinstituut, selection



Competition first place




Studieburo Mouton structural engineering
CES MEP engineering
Bureau De Fonseca acoustical engineering
Kasper Andreasen integrated art project
Jan Kempenaers integrated art project