Huis De Vylder Zoersel


Huis De Vylder is located on a small plot in the allotment De Kievit in Zoersel. The house has an uncomplicated plan, construction and detailing. It was conceived with a limited budget and the idea the building would be largely realised by the commissioner. Repetition, small spans and the consequently modulating of the building elements also kept costs low.

The floors consist of concrete wide floor plates kept visible, spanned from the left to the right outer wall. All inner walls are non supportive, with exception of the wall for the stairwell.

The house has a stone front plinth; from a height of 1m20 the outer walls are given a skin in black slates (economic format 40 x 60). The connection of the slates with the windows was made with an aluminium frame.


Woningen 1995, Arco Euro-Belgian Architectural Award, laureate


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