Pedico shoe store Scherpenheuvel

New building project with 1,300 m2 of commercial space

When the commissioner contacted us, the shoe store was situated in an amalgam of old stables and annex buildings on the road between Scherpenheuvel and Diest. This road is bordered on one side by a typical Flemish ribbon development and by sloping pastures on the other side. Behind the ribbon building the wonderful natural area ‘De Vinkenberg’ is situated. Originally it was connected to the pastures but now it has disappeared from sight.

We opted for a compact volume with stacked floor fields; this is in conflict with the ideal selling configuration, where the whole surface is on the same level. By using split-levels the spatial continuity is assured. The rectangular main volume consists on the outside and inside of exposed concrete. It is only livened up on the corners where big indents stress the entrance, the view of the natural area behind (‘the eye’) and the zenital incidence of light. These indents also form a point of attraction within the interior and guide the customer through the shop space. The ‘eye’ at the back synthesises the interaction with the natural area and offers a rest in the enormous offer of merchandise. The other furniture Is designed specifically for this project by the agency LAB. In their simplicity this furniture relates to craft and craftsmanship. They are little jewels in this rather raw whole.