Penta Expertise offices Berchem

Urban new-build project with 600 m2 of office space

Close to the station of Berchem, across from the Antwerp ring road, Penta Expertise & Consult bought a fallow plot for the building of their new offices. META architectuurbureau designed a building that uses the maximal urban development envelop to the fullest. The basement gets enough air and light through a spacious patio at the backside and thus becomes an up to par office space. Through an under passage, that makes the connection between the street and the garden, you arrive at the entrance of the building. The volume is stepped so each floor, with exception of the ground floor, is directly linked to the outside space.

A concrete plinth elevates the building from the ground. The basement floor is also less deep in comparison to the ground level. The flexible and clear plan and the neutral front create a maximal potential for the current and future user. The raw building is conceived and detailed extensively so it can be used in the final build. This strategy results in a reduced use of materials and a reduction of man-hours with as a consequence a more economic building that is adjustable and durable without losing quality.