Sociale woningen Bogerse Velden Lier


The challenge existed in meeting the demanded program in a way that the qualities of the existing space were respected and used well. By expanding the play area foreseen in the master plan even more, a walk through area is created – rather than a densely built area – that puts emphasis on the vulnerable road users and offers room for playing children. Through extra green, the green belt of larger and smaller parks around the site is completed.

By using various typologies within the same front material in different colours and shades, a harmonious ensemble is created. The window openings are 240 cm high and there are a number of fixed widths. Also on the outer joinery a big level of repetition is maintained. The limited number of elements the façades are built up from; create a lot of repetition within one and the same structural system, which still makes a varied front possible.

Within a rational and simple façade structure, a richness is created that contributes to a harmonious ensemble.

The apartment buildings manifest themselves as three autonomous compact volumes with each an own underground garage and entrance. The ground floor is half elevated, which grants more privacy and allows for a budget friendlier building.

For the two ground bound living typologies, we choose volumetry: long connected front surfaces are avoided.

This research into the right volume is driven from divers condition such as views, orientation, grouping of wet functions…Here as well the characteristic rationality does not stand in the way of richness.




Competition first place




Tractebel structural and MEP engineering
Energicon energy engineering