Sociale woningen Officierenwijk Brasschaat


The project area is situated between the Kapellei and the Zegelei, at the back of the existing houses on the Bredabaan and the Diksmuidelei. In these forested surroundings a residential area is planned with three different building zones.

The design foresees twenty-three single-family homes, of which seventeen are social houses, five are modest houses and one is a kangaroo unit (what is known as an ‘intergenerational home’; often composed of two or more independent residences that are linked to each other via internal passages). In the plan, these different typologies form a collective whole on both a functional and an aesthetic level. The frontage also plays an important role: the façades of all the residences are composed of concrete frames with wooden in-fill, while different size openings introduce a sculptural aspect to the street side. Together the volumes form a uniform entity that conforms to the forested surroundings.




Competition first place




Concreet structural engineering
Xenadvies study EPB
Regnard safety coordination