Soors-Vandepitte house Deurne

Urban single-family house

The own house of Eric Soors and Marleen Vandepitte is a corner house at the Unitas-Tuinwijk in Deurne. The typical problem of a corner house – a lot of volume, little outside space – is evaded here in an intelligent way. Parts are cut out from the main volume for spacious sunny terraces.

This way, the massive shape is connected in various ways to the neighbouring houses, that all have different heights. The garage, bedrooms and bathroom are on the ground floor. Living room and kitchen (furniture design by LAB bvba) are on the first floor, in the sunlight and the views. On the second floor there is a polyvalent space, connected to a high roof terrace, with view of the Tuinwijk, the park and the setting sun.

The house has an outspoken robust and earthy character. It is built with rough sintered bricks and has dark stained oak windows. The thresholds and roof rims are made from dark pigmented concrete.