Striga 2 Antwerp

Competition project for a new tower building with apartments, offices and commercial spaces





Rudy Uytenhaak Architectenbureau
architect partner
Tractebel Engineering
structural and MEP engineering

META architectuurbureau and Rudy Uytenhaak Architectenbureau submitted together the design for the high-rise building Striga 2 commissioned by Stadsontwikkeling Antwerpen Zuid.

The city expansion of Antwerpen Nieuw Zuid is a durable, green and modern neighbourhood close to the city, the Schelde, a park and various exit roads.

Within the master plan of Studio Associato Bernardo Secchi Paola Viganò a tower of 80m with a plinth building was designed along the central inner street.

The volume of the building has three parts. A robust plinth, which forms the urban tissue, this volume, is continued in the tower around which the terraces are draped like a veil and the volume is ended with a structural crown. This way a fitting relation is established on various scales with the surroundings and it is recognizable form a distance.

In the plinth there areshops along the central axis of the master plan and offices underneath the tower volume.

A very flexible plan was developed to offer a wide variation of house types above the plinth. The compact core and strategic positioning of shafts make it possible to realise eight to two houses per floor. A rational design of the supporting structure and façade strengthens the feasibility of the plan.

On the structural crown around the tower volume hangs a lightweight continuous ring of terraces. The terraces can be closed of thanks to a glass foldable wall, this creates a micro climate and this way the terraces can be used optimally all year long even on the higher levels.

The building is designed integrally and has high ambitions concerning durability. An optimization of materials, energy needs, collective heating, intelligent ventilation systems, water (re)usage and a compact and well isolated volume with terraces that function as a climate façade result in a future proof building.