Woon- en werkunits De Natie Antwerpen


Close to the new courthouse in Antwerp South, offices and apartments were developed for the rental market. The assignment was commissioned by Camera Work nv.

The building borders a historical courtyard between the Gijzelaarstraat and Vlaamse Kaai in Antwerp. This projects attempts, through its façade design and connection to the courtyard, to fit seamlessly into the valuable context of Antwerp South. Through an elaborate façade structure and window spreading, through modest materialisation and through respectfully implanting at the courtyard, this project becomes part of a bigger whole. Moreover every floor is fitted with a large sunny terrace.

In this project as well, we try to conceive and to detail the raw building extensively, so it can be used as final building. This way the price per m2 can be kept low. This strategy results in a smaller usage of materials and a reduction of man-hours with as a consequence an economical building, without losing quality, adjustability and durability. The last term gets even more meaning through this way of working. It uses all its assets for the current user and keeps al possibilities open for later generations.


Collectieve woningen 2007, Awards van de Belgische Architectuur, laureate


“De Natie” (Bajo presupuesto vivienda contemporanea, September 2008)
“De Natie” (A+ 208 Belgisch Tijdschrijft voor Archtiectuur, October/November 2007)
“Award voor De Natie” (Gazet van Antwerpen, October 20th 2007)
“Functioneel en flexibel” (Belgisch Budget Bouwboek, February 2007)
“Shop, offices and apartment building ‘De Natie’” (Belgium New Architecture 3, 2005)
“Pakhuis met huurlofts” (Gazet van Antwerpen, May 30th 2003)
“Projecten blijven komen” (Gazet van Antwerpen, December 16th 2003)


Architecture Day 2009, Flanders Architecture Institute, selection







Eddy Henskens structural engineering
Van de Heyning general contractor