Falconrui housing development Antwerp

Urban development project with 9 houses







Werner Mertens
structural engineering

The competition for the Falconrui took place within the framework of the master plan devised by Rapp + Rapp. Their scheme for the area is based on the idea that the perimeters should be focused on the street level, with higher volumes located in the inner area. Houses at the edges should therefore have their own individual character but, at the same time, relate to the existing buildings.

The design takes in account the demand for individual houses, hence the differences in cornice heights and window divisions, but also strives to express a collective character. For this reason, the unity of materials is an important component of the design. The typologies are also comparable to the existing houses, but with the difference that certain houses along the inner area are opened up.

As a result, the inner area is invigorated. In total, the design consists of 9 residential units and an underground car park for 14 cars and approximately 20 bikes.