Galenus apartments Antwerp

Urban residential project with 3 apartments, 1 duplex apartment and 230 m2 of commercial space







Eddy Henskens
structural engineering

The Galenus building is located in the neighbourhood of the disused southern docks in Antwerp. While the adjacent pharmacy expanded into the ground floor of the design, the upper floors contain3 apartments and a duplex home.

The building is characterized by a spacious ground floor that resembles the nearby historic mansion houses in size, but is extremely transparent. This latter quality was continued on the higher levels. Each apartment boasts a full-width folding window that can be completely opened in good weather. Because no terraces could be provided, we chose to open the whole front without stiles.

On the upper floors, we also opted for translucent blinds. This skin, which is made of expanded metal, runs across 4 floors, while the fixed element also provides safety protection against falls. The moveable section also opens across the full width of the building.