KU Leuven university offices Heverlee

New building project with 4,700 m2 of office space




Competition first place






Studieburo Mouton
structural engineering
Vanparijs - Maes
MEP engineering

After a competition, META architectuurbureau won the commission in June 2009 to design an office and logistics building for the Catholic University of Leuven.

The offices are delivered in hull. We provide a plan with 2 fixed cores that can be elaborated and divided freely. The offices have a central patio and can be divided in cell offices, used as a big space with landscape office or a combination of both. The patio ensures an optimal natural lighting and offers a spot to the smokers.

The building consciously has a minimum of columns to use the flexibility optimally. There is only structure at the front and in the heart of the building. This creates free floor fields of 15m by 35m. The front is covered in expanded metal, both for the closed parts as for the windows. Here the panels in expanded metal can be turned open. It gives the building a monolithic character and functions as blinds and through fall protection for the offices at the same time.