META offices Antwerp

Extension and renovation of own offices with 24 workplaces

META’s offices are located in an old storage facility for glass on the Grote Kraaiwijk 3 in Antwerp. The office was originally purchased with ‘room to grow’: the premises on the first floor had 14 workstations, a meeting room for 8 people and a kitchen for communal lunches.

After 20 years, the team had increased significantly and expansion was a priority. By purchasing the upper floor of the building, META not only acquired more space, but also the opportunity to reconfigure and restructure its activities.

The result is a duplex office connected by an internal spiral staircase. The first floor houses the reception area with 2 workstations, 2 meeting rooms (for 8 to 10 people), a large landscape office with 12 workstations and toilet facilities. A further 8 workstations are located on the upper floor, which boasts sufficient residual space for a maquette corner and a ping-pong table. It also contains a spacious dining area that can double up as a meeting room, plus extra toilet facilities and a server room.

Previously, the office contained built-in workstations and custom-made fixed furniture. In the new configuration, META opted for separate work tables (design by Antonio Citterio). Whereas all pipes and cables were once part of the construction, they are now incorporated within the raised floor. This provides greater flexibility in terms of the workplace facilities. Finally, the archive and samples room is no longer a separate space but has been integrated into the landscape office via a wall of cabinets, thereby improving the accessibility of both the samples and documents.