Regatta housing development Left Bank Antwerp

Urban development project with 27 houses







structural engineering
BUUR, part of Sweco
design masterplan and outdoor space


In October 2006, META was invited to design a number of houses for a new development on Antwerp’s left bank, the Linkeroever. A master plan was created for the site by Bureau voor Urbanisme (BUUR), while AWG architects were responsible for the aesthetic quality plan. Five Flemish architecture offices were invited to participate.

In the first phase, designs were requested for 28 single-family houses and a corner module with 4 apartments and a communal car park. The houses feature distinctive diagonal peaks, which not only provide an atypical roof shape, but also emphasise the relationships between the individual units.

By rigorously applying the roof shape as a connecting feature, uniformity is brought to the scheme. At the same time, it also injects variety into the plan, surfaces and programme. The singular roof shape also recurs in the design for the corner module, with the entire ensemble generating a rich and varied play of roofs.