Schoups Law Office Antwerp

Extension and renovation of 720 m2 offices

The law firm Schoups expanded their offices by converting the floor of an old warehouse. In order to retain the original character of the space, the poured concrete construction was allowed to remain visible, while the existing structure was used as the spine for a new spatial division. This gave rise to a flexible arrangement that encompasses workspaces, meeting rooms, a dining room and a central foyer that can be used for receptions and readings.

The technical installations and piping are either hidden in the raised access computer floor or behind the acoustic ceiling panels between the beams, while light switches are integrated into the vertical stiles of the doorframes. META was also responsible for the design of the inbuilt furniture and the selection of the freestanding furniture.

The extensive use of white, the naked LED-strip lights suspended between the beams, and the floor to ceiling interior carpentry (solid wooden doors and glass fronts) strengthen the spatial experience. White wood-wool panels hanging between the concrete beams absorb sound so effectively that the offices possess a uniquely quiet and pleasant atmosphere. Here, the layers are the colourful protagonists in a bright, white setting.