Siemens offices Huizingen

New building project with 9,300 m2 of office space








Jozef Legrand
garden design
project management
structural engineering
Roelandts & Rys
MEP engineering
Daidalos Peutz
acoustical engineering
Grontmij Clerckx
soil engineering
Technisch Bureau Verbrugghen
safety coordination
control agency
general contractor

In November 2000, META architectuurbureau was granted, out of a selection of 20 agencies, the commission to design an office building of 9300 m2 that would fit into the Siemens site in Huizingen. In September 2002 the first employees could start using their new working spots.

The design commission existed in developing an office building within the already designed master plan (with imposed façade materials and implantation) with an optimal net-gross balance. Additionally, flexible conference facilities were requested, that are to be used by various departments from all over the site. Through the right positioning of just to cores an by placing some corbellings, we managed a net-gross balance of 0,85. The corbellings on the corners create in the first place the necessary square meters, but also grant the building a plasticity that works clarifying on spatial level. They emphasize for instance the various entrances to the building and conference part.

With a m2 price of €870 (building cost, all techniques included) for the office part, a building was delivered that stayed under its original budget (€920/m2).