Soors-Vandepitte house 2 Deurne

Urban single-family house

The plot for the terraced house is exceptional: 8,20 meters wide. It appears to be a rest measure in a street where usually plots of 5 to 6 meter are situated.

The linear orientation, typical of a terraced house, is solved by a split-level cut.

High windows compensate the less favourable north side at the garden across the whole width of the backside. Thanks to the open plan and the split-level cut from the ground floor to the first floor, the sunlight falls deep into the house. In the warmest months it is partially blocked by a deeper placement of the windows in the outer wall. This also gives a stronger articulation of the façade, but it also reduces direct views in the living room and the bedrooms.

On the street side the threefold façade construction is emphasised by an integrated art project. The base is uploaded with a nature photo by Jan Kempenaers. Perforated white aluminium plates on the base of the raw pixelated photo create a discretion screen and filtered daylight in the garage. The image also brings symbolic green to the front garden.
The yellow brick and the white window are a reference to the material choice of the previous zeitgeist.