Van Ghyseghem Pharmacy Antwerp

Extension of a pharmacy

The expansion of the Van Ghyseghem pharmacy went hand in hand with a doubling of the surface area and a fresh concept for business. While the new building is by META, the interior was developed in collaboration with the design agency Met Zicht Op Zee. The pharmacy consists of 2 parts: a white space for customers and a black space for the pharmacist and personnel. This scenography follows the zoning between old and new. The shop has a self-service area, where customers can help themselves to certain products, but for prescription medication, they need to turn to the pharmacists. Both the layout and the fixtures are designed so that they direct the customers in a certain flow, while the space and furniture is flexible enough to allow different interior configurations.

A multifunctional room at the back of the pharmacy can be used as an office, reception area or presentation room.