Pool house Bornem

Garden pavilion with wellness facilities









Studieburo Mouton
structural engineering
Bouwwerken Fiebra-Maes
general contractor

In the surroundings of Buitenland, a hamlet of Bornem, META created a pool house in the garden of an existing residence. The house is surrounded by greenery and is bordered, at both the front and the back, by the Kwaedhuyskensloop brook.

The pool house, terrace and natural swimming pool form a sequence of elongated surfaces within these natural parameters, and divide the outdoor space into garden rooms that run the entire length of the plot.

A series of floor-to-ceiling steel windows, which blur the threshold with the covered parts of the terrace, are the only elements to punctuate the concrete walls of the pool house. The sauna and shower look out over the flowers and plants that fill the purification basin of the natural swimming pool. Within the spacious interior, the only fixed elements are the copper kitchen unit (which opens up) and the concrete hearth, the chimney of which stretches high above the roof.